[Windmill-dev] Tests in native JavaScript

Matthew Eernisse mde at osafoundation.org
Wed Aug 29 12:45:02 PDT 2007

Here's a first stab at what's needed:


Pretty obvious stuff, I think.

Mikeal Rogers wrote:
> Well, any test authoring library needs a test framework. The JSUnit 
> framework seems like as good a one as any so we might as well just use 
> it since it's already defined. The only "extra" work would be 
> implementing all the assertBlah functions in the jum object to call the 
> windmill reporting mechanism discussed earlier, that way any existing 
> JSUnit tests would be able to run. The functions in the jum.controller 
> namespace shouldn't need to be wrapped in jum.assert statements by a 
> test author, they should call all the reporting mechanisms on their own.
> If you want to start on a wiki page proposal for this work that would be 
> awesome. You don't need to define all the changes you'll make to the IDE 
> "guts", just outline the public API you'll be writing for test authors 
> and we can work together on defining all the service calls and command 
> line options you'll need.
> -Mikeal
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