[Scooby-dev] Re: [Cosmo-dev] VOTE: cosmo/scooby merge

Sheila Mooney sheila at osafoundation.org
Thu Jul 20 16:05:28 PDT 2006


I see a lot of benefits to the merge at a project perspective -  
particularly around integrating the product and program management  
functions. My only immediate worry is that I don't yet have my head  
wrapped around the short-term impacts on the development schedule and  
planning for the Beta goals.


On Jul 19, 2006, at 11:16 AM, Brian Moseley wrote:

> we've discussed the cosmo/scooby merge proposal for over a week now,
> and it looks like the debates are winding up. i'd like to get a formal
> sense of the community's position on the issue, so i'm calling for a
> vote.
> please reply to this message with:
> * [ ]   +1 - i am in favor of scooby and cosmo merging into a  
> single product
> * [ ]   +0 - i am neutral on the issue
> * [ ]   -1 - i would prefer to see scooby and cosmo remain as  
> separate products
> also please summarize any issues you have with the merge (refer to
> earlier discussion if necessary, but please do not re-open debate).
> all votes cast are non-binding. the final decision will be made by the
> product teams within osaf. this vote is simply to get a clear view on
> where the community stands.
> i will close the vote at the end of the day, monday 7/24. we'll make a
> final decision on the issue soon after.
> thanks everybody for the spirited debate! we got a lot of issues out
> on the table, and i you all feel a little more invested in the
> projects.
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