[pylucene-dev] What has happened to PyLucene?

Bill Janssen janssen at parc.com
Thu Jan 15 09:02:59 PST 2009

Erik Groeneveld <erik at cq2.nl> wrote:

> But I admit that after the major
> strategy change that involved using JCC instead of GCJ, I am switching
> to a different GCJ solution. Probably other do so as well?

Nope.  I dislike the JVM, particularly its handling of memory, so I
share your pain, but the Lucene folks are moving to Java 1.5, and the
gcj folks don't seem to be keeping up.  The JCC-based approach seems to
be robust (if you can stand sharing the Python process space with the
JVM), and has a path to the future of Lucene.  So I'm going to keep
using JCC PyLucene with UpLib.


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