[pylucene-dev] JCC 1.8 - double arrays as arguments in java methods

Bill Janssen janssen at parc.com
Sat Apr 19 12:14:48 PDT 2008

> I also just released JCC 1.9 to cheeseshop [2] with this and many other 
> fixes since release 1.8:


I was able to build 1.9 (shared) for Windows XP, Python 2.5, after
installing setuptools.  I've now got bdist packages for that
configuration; I believe you will need setuptools to install them on a
target machine, though.  Would it be useful for me to put them
somewhere so others could download them?

I believe the references to the location of Java (and the particular
micro-release of Java being used) are still hard-coded into the JCC
libraries, so perhaps not.  It would be easy (I've got the code) to
teach JCC to look in the registry to find Java, but when you build
PyLucene with JCC, is the location of libjava hard-coded into that
PyLucene binary?


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