[pylucene-dev] build Lucene-JCC Windows

vajda at osafoundation.org vajda at osafoundation.org
Mon Nov 26 12:17:02 PST 2007

>> GNU Make, the one from cygwin.
>> Although, that's not strictly necessary as the build process is really
>> driven by python and JCC. It would be simple enough to write a batch
>> script or a Microsoft make file instead.
> Make is working now, got the lucene stuff via svn. But now the jcc step
> fails.
> in jcc/__init__.py
>     line 30: from _jcc import initVM
> gives an "ImportError: DLL load failed"
> The _jcc.pyd is 88 KB, any other dll I have to make available?

Did you edit jcc's setup.py as described at [1] ?
Did you make sure your PATH env var contained the paths to the DLLs needed
by your Java Runtime Environment ?


[1] http://svn.osafoundation.org/pylucene/trunk/jcc/jcc/INSTALL

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