[pylucene-dev] FreeBSD Binary

Andi Vajda vajda at osafoundation.org
Mon Jan 1 14:09:09 PST 2007

On Sat, 30 Dec 2006, Krys Wilken wrote:

> Does anyone have a compiled PyLcene 2.0.0 for FreeBSD that they would be
> willing to share?  I am assuming I cannot just copy my compiled Linux
> version.
> I have been using PyLucene in my Turbogears application now for a little
> while now and it's working quite nicely.  Just thinking of how PyLucene
> works makes my head spin! :-D  Thanks for all your hard work!
> I am at the point where I am wanting to deploy my app to my ISPs shared
> web server, but it is FreeBSD 5.4 (gcc 3.4.2) with no gcj.  It would be
> bad to compile things on a shared web server and I don't know anything
> about FreeBSD.  I am hoping someone out there can save me the learning
> curve.
> My only other option is to install and learn FreeBSD and then compile
> PyLucene.
> (As a side note, I will be releasing a TGLucene package for TurboGears
> sometime in the near future.  I am also willing to host the FreeBSD
> binary for others to download, as long as it doesn't kill my bandwidth.)

A while ago (in the PyLucene 1.0 timeframe), someone contributed a patch to 
the PyLucene Makefile that allowed it to compile there. Since I don't have 
FreeBSD available, I don't know if it's still working.

Typically, if gcj is sane on FreeBSD - which appeared to be the case then - it 
shouldn't be any harder to get a sane PyLucene on FreeBSD than on Mac OS X or 
Linux. Still, it looks like PyLucene on FreeBSD was built with gcj 4.1 and 
that is rather bleeding edge.

If you embark on this, I'd start with trying to build a recent gcj 4.2.0 
snapshot on FreeBSD. To see if the resulting PyLucene is sane, run 'make 
test'. All tests need to pass.


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