[pylucene-dev] Fatal error in gc Too many root sets -- need dat special GCJ build fo WINDOWS!!

John Kleven johnkleven at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 12 23:20:41 PDT 2006

Fellow pylucene friends --

I'm getting this godforsaken error msg in a popup
window while doing some heavy duty indexing on winXP.

"Fatal error in gc"
"Too many root sets"

And I want to die. 

So after reading that GCJ on top of mingw is not so
easy to build for win32 to here:

And seeing on the pylucene homepage that OS X Pylucene
binaries get a special GCJ build (LARGE_CONFIG) ...
i'm wondering if anybody has got a beautiful beautiful
PyLucene windows build w/ the LARGE_CONFIG patch to
GCJ???  Need some LARGE CONFIG!!  

Is there any truth to this post:

Or was that more wishful thinking?


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