[pylucene-dev] PyLucene on Debian Stable (Sarge)

Andi Vajda vajda at osafoundation.org
Thu Feb 2 08:39:24 PST 2006

On Thu, 2 Feb 2006, Matthew O'Connor wrote:

Thank you for the update.
Comments inline below:

> To build PyLucene 1.9rc1-7 you need the following packages
> installed:
>    gcj-3.4 (>= 3.4.3-13)
>    libgcj5-dev (>= 3.4.3-13)
>    swig (>= 1.3.24-1)

Currently, swig 1.3.24 is required, 1.3.25 and 1.3.26 have issues and 1.3.27 
can be made to work with some patches that should make it into the swig source 
base ultimately.

>    python2.4-dev (>= 2.4.1-2)
>    libgcj5 (>= 3.4.3-13)
>    python2.4 (>= 2.4.1-2)
> I've attached my Makefile diff to this email.  I've also
> built a Debian package for this.  It's not an official
> package, just something quick I put together.  I can put it
> somewhere if people are interested but I suppose 1.9 is a
> moving target and so it is probably of limited value.

There is a long time bug about this: http://bugs.debian.org/256283, maybe
this could be a fix for it ?

> FWIW, I have no experience with Java or Lucene and I've only
> done a few small toy things with PyLucene.  It doesn't
> segfault, explode, or otherwise appear to malfunction.  So,
> WFM, YMMV, etc.

The samples, especially the 'Lucene in Action' book samples ported to Python
and PyLucene under samples/LuceneInAction are a great place to start.


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