[pylucene-dev] pylucene and 2gb limit of files

Andi Vajda vajda at osafoundation.org
Thu Aug 24 10:08:55 PDT 2006

On Thu, 24 Aug 2006, Julien Anguenot wrote:

> I gave a try to the patch included in the gcj bugtracker with a gcc
> 4.1.1 and still the same errors.  (GC leak warnings)


> I guess I'll stay stuck on gcc-3.4.6, which works well, and I'll make
> the PythonDirectory work within NXLucene for my customers.

That seems the safer route for now. And less of a waste of time.
I'm back in SF now and hope to get some time (and bandwidth) to track some of 
these things down.


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