[pylucene-dev] Problems compiling PyLucene 1.0 on FreeBSD

Dudley Carr dudley.carr at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 23:02:16 PST 2005

On 11/23/05, Andi Vajda <vajda at osafoundation.org> wrote:
> I've had a number of problems with SWIG versions > 1.3.24.
> Please use SWIG 1.3.24 until these problems are resolved.
> I don't know about the state of libgcj on FreeBSD, your mileage may vary.
> Andi..


Thanks for your help. After switching to 1.3.24, the SWIG processing
finished successfully. There was another hick-up in the final step for
linking _PyLucene.so. On FreeBSD, I had to add -liconv and -lz after
-lgcj to get it to link properly.  I tested my application after the
successful compilation, and everything seems to be in order.

Thanks again,

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