[pylucene-dev] poll: threading support ?

mark mark at junklight.com
Mon Jan 17 09:39:13 PST 2005

> Yes, they certainly will but 10.3 will remain stuck in the past. My 
> main concern was that nobody will able to ship a product using 
> PyLucene on 10.3. But requiring the latest version of OS X is pretty 
> standard and Tiger will be out in a few months.

It is actually really easy to ship a version of python embedded into 
the product
you are shipping. Python runs from a directory (no need for registry 
keys , system
dlls , shared libs placed elsewhere etc.) and all you need to do is 
make sure
that you are pointing to your version and not the system one.

The only "gotcha" is that some of the distributions (for example 
for windows) are licensed differently so its best to start with the 

I've done this a couple of times (in commercial products) and I am also 
a newer version of python on one of my websites than that provided by 
the web



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