[pylucene-dev] garbage collector

Yura Smolsky info at altervision.biz
Mon Feb 21 04:31:48 PST 2005

Hello, Rune.

RH> To answer both your questions:

RH> I believe Andi told the list: "[..] I'm about to take off for a week of
RH> vacation and have to get ready for PyCON when I return so I don't think
RH> I'll be able to spend any reasonable amount of time on this issue until
RH> April ". This was posted on february 17th.

I know :) But maybe I will have chance to communicate to him ;)

RH> The second question: You can manually invoke the python garbage 
RH> collector by "import gc; gc.collect()" Never tried it on a PyLucene
RH> object myself. Don't know if it will work as expected.

It works only for python objects.

Yura Smolsky.

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