[pylucene-dev] Examples?

Andi Vajda vajda at osafoundation.org
Fri Jun 25 07:45:24 PDT 2004

> I got the Windows binary, initially I had some problems opening an index
> - it looks like the compound file format is giving PyLucene a trouble (I
> think it was already supported in the 1.3-final), but when I converted
> it to the classic format it groks it just fine. However, compound format
> is your friend (it is the default in 1.4 branch).

I don't know about compound format support in 1.3 but if it is standard in 1.4
it should be supported by PyLucene just as well once it is upgraded to work
with Java Lucene 1.4.

> I'll try to setup some comprehensive benchmark, if time permits - I'd
> appreciate your help, e.g. the scripts you guys are using to benchmark
> PyLucene. I noticed that many base classes from Lucene (like primitive
> Query types) are not exposed, you can only produce them through the
> QueryParser (but this has some unpleasant side effects). Is it possible
> to add them? As well as other types of analyzers - the StandardAnalyzer
> is quite intrusive, and its escaping quirks are close to black art...

Yes, the goal is to ultimately expose all public, documented APIs of Java
Lucene in PyLucene. PyLucene started as a Chandler project and the APIs that
ar currently exposed are the ones Chandler needs at the moment. I've already
added a bunch more as people submitted requests or even better, patches, for
the ones they wanted most. More can be added easily to the PyLucene.i file.

> Thanks in advance, and congratulations on the excellent project!

You're welcome !


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