[pylucene-dev] DbDirectory

Yura Smolsky info at altervision.biz
Tue Dec 7 23:16:27 PST 2004

Hello, Andi.

AV> Exactly, DbDirectory is something I wrote about a year ago, in java. I
AV> submitted it to the Java Lucene project and it is available in the
AV> lucene sandbox.

AV> There are some people using it with Java Lucene. You might want to check the
AV> lucene mailing lists to see with what success.

I have checked that mail list. Not much people feedback about it,
actually. I suppose, it is not popular (maybe 0.01% :)

AV> The only reason Yura wanted to use DbDirectory over FSDirectory is because of
AV> the current 2Gb file limitation which is due to a limit in libgcj.


AV> If you are on Linux, you might want to consider building your own version of
AV> gcc 4.0 and build and run PyLucene with that instead. I know of a PyLucene
AV> user who tried this very thing with gcc 3.5 (before it was renamed 4.0) and he
AV> got around the 2Gb file limit.

But gcc 4.0 is very unstable too. We have to use unstable things
both ways :)

I am compiling python-and-other-stuff in linux box. I will see what
that will be.

AV> I still think that for huge directories, a real database might be more
AV> appropriate but, at this time, FSDirectory is certainly more tested and
AV> stabler. It is also considerably easier to use.

Some users reports long time of search when index built on FSDIrectory
is large. My attempt was to find alternative to FSDirectory.

Yura Smolsky,

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