[pylucene-dev] DbDirectory

Yura Smolsky info at altervision.biz
Tue Dec 7 23:06:19 PST 2004

Hello, Andi.

>> Shared version is better? right? :)
>> I have an issue with building _bsddb linking with non static version
>> of berkley db.

AV> And what is that issue ?

4-5 funtions was not found in the dymamic lib

>> Yeah. Can you say that Linux version is more stable? Because my
>> producing stream will be Linux Box.

AV> I can say that debugging on Linux or Mac OS X is definitely easier. I cannot
AV> say that one environment is more stable than another, just that I have done a
AV> lot more testing, and all the development, on Mac OS X and Linux.
AV> If your production box is going to be Linux, why not develop there too ?

you right, but before I developed all scripts on python on windows,
then I move them to linux box. I had not any issues until PyLucene :)
Anyway, I will move to Linux box my development process.

Yura Smolsky,

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