[pyicu-dev] has anyone built PyICU on an AMD64 machine?

McCafferty Michael mmccafferty at thinkfive.com
Mon Nov 13 13:30:11 PST 2006

Hi all,

I'm a systems administrator trying to install icu 3.4.1 and PyICU 0.5  
onto Linux (gentoo 2006.0 and RHEL 4) on AMD 64 hardware.

I installed both icu and PyICU without incident on an Intel 32-bit  
server and works just fine. On an AMD 64 processor, however,  
icu-3.4.1 installs without warning onto the x86_64 machine, but PyICU  
fails with the following error.

$ make
g++ -c -o release/bases.o -O2 -fPIC  -I/usr/local/include/python2.4 - 
I/usr/local/icu-3.4.1/include bases.cpp
bases.cpp: In function `int t_formattable_init(t_formattable*,  
PyObject*, PyObject*)':
bases.cpp:1638: error: call of overloaded `Formattable(long long  
int&)' is ambiguous
/usr/local/include/unicode/fmtable.h:138: note: candidates are:  
icu_3_4::Formattable::Formattable(const icu_3_4::Formattable&)
/usr/local/include/unicode/fmtable.h:132: note:                  
icu_3_4::Formattable::Formattable(icu_3_4::UObject*) <near match>
/usr/local/include/unicode/fmtable.h:117: note:                  
icu_3_4::Formattable::Formattable(icu_3_4::UnicodeString*) <near match>
/usr/local/include/unicode/fmtable.h:110: note:                  
icu_3_4::Formattable::Formattable(const icu_3_4::UnicodeString&)
/usr/local/include/unicode/fmtable.h:102: note:                  
icu_3_4::Formattable::Formattable(const char*) <near match>
/usr/local/include/unicode/fmtable.h:93: note:                  
/usr/local/include/unicode/fmtable.h:86: note:                  
/usr/local/include/unicode/fmtable.h:79: note:                  
make: *** [release/bases.o] Error 1

Has anyone on this list successfully built PyICU 0.5 on x86_64  
hardware? If so, will you share any patches you might have had to  

Thanks in advance,

Michael McCafferty
mmccafferty at thinkfive.com

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