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The stellar silence we hear in response to your query leads me to 
believe nobody has a firm answer.  Hence I would suggest that we follow 
the old rule of being liberal in what you accept and conservative in 
what you send.  That is, accept mixed case, and let us assume that 
nobody will be stupid enough to register a new component that is the 
same except for case; and then one should only output upper case, 
because we all know it works.



On 10/10/09 3:10 AM, Reinhold Kainhofer wrote:
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> Am Freitag, 9. Oktober 2009 22:59:48 schrieb Alexey Melnikov:
>> So far there is only one comments I disagree with:
>>> 10. Sec 2.4, p.7: Are the component parameter values case-sensitive?
>> No. RFC 5545 says:
>>     All names of properties, property parameters, enumerated property
>>     values and property parameter values are case-insensitive.  However,
>>     all other property values are case-sensitive, unless otherwise
>>     stated.
> This only speaks of properties, parameters and values. However, VEVENT and
> VTODO are calendar components. I did not find any mention of calendar
> components being case-insensitive (admittedly, it is also not stated, that
> they are case-sensitive).
> I seem to remember that we had some problems with some iCalendar library (I
> think it was libical) expecting VEVENT etc. in uppercases only...
> So, is the general understanding of this working group that icalendar
> component names are case-insensitive? If so, this should be clarified for
> rfc5545.
> Cheers,
> Reinhold
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