[ietf-calsify] Mixed line delimiters

Bernard Desruisseaux bernard.desruisseaux at oracle.com
Fri May 22 13:19:45 PDT 2009

Rick DeNatale wrote:
> I'm a bit confused by how to handle escaping/unescaping line
> delimiters in icalendar data.
> I got a bug report from a user who is setting the description of an
> event to a string containing \r\n line breaks.
> Section 3 of RFC2445 and RFC2445bis both imply that lines are
> delimited by the \r\n combination.  Although I think I've seen more
> usage of the posix style \n alone.
> Then in Section 3.3.11, it states that:
>       An intentional formatted text line break MUST only be included in
>       a "TEXT" property value by representing the line break with the
>       character sequence of BACKSLASH (US-ASCII decimal 92), followed by
>       a LATIN SMALL LETTER N (US-ASCII decimal 110) or a LATIN CAPITAL
>       LETTER N (US-ASCII decimal 78), that is "\n" or "\N".
> Should I read "intentional formatted line break" as being anyone of
> several characters or character sequences coming from the user?  In
> other words when escaping the value of a TEXT property, should I
> convert anything which matches \n, \r\n, \r\n, or just \r to \n, or \N


> And is there a semantic difference between \n and \N



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