AD review issue #3: Meaning of RELTYPE parameter value of SIBLING (was: Re: [Ietf-calsify] Re: AD review on 2445bis)

Aki Niemi aki.niemi at
Mon Jun 16 03:06:15 PDT 2008

ma, 2008-06-16 kello 10:03 +0300, ext Aki Niemi kirjoitti:
> > Section 3.2.15: RELTYPE.  What does it mean that a calendar component  
> > referenced is the SIBLING of this one?  How is a user agent supposed  
> > to use this information?  Is this parameter ever used except on  
> > RELATED-TO?  Is it actually in use even there?  Health warnings at  
> > least.

Good question. Is there a use case that requires a relationship beyond
parent-child (which currently is the only *defined* relationship in the
document anyway)?


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