[Ietf-calsify] Working Group Last Call: draft-ietf-calsify-rfc2445bis-07.txt

Eliot Lear lear at cisco.com
Tue Jul 10 00:12:27 PDT 2007

Dear all,

Bernard has cranked out yet another iCalendar draft, and the chairs 
would like to congratulate him on putting together an excellent 
document, and thank him for his continued efforts.  We would also like 
to thank many contributors to improving this draft, including Cyrus 
Daboo, Nigel Swinson, Jonathan Lennox, and Reinhold Kainhofer, just to 
name a few (and apologies to those who I didn't list here).

draft-ietf-calsify-rfc2445bis-07 represents over 80 issues worth of 
changes, leaving open but a small handful.  Previously, we have reviewed 
the draft issue by issue.  As the draft becomes available for your 
review, we now ask a different question: is this draft ready for 
publication as a Proposed Standard?  What issues do you see that are 
show stoppers?  We ask that you consider this with the understanding 
that best is often the enemy of great, and that it is difficult to 
satisfy everyone in a "rough consensus" process.

As such, we ask that you support the work that this group has done, 
while taking the time to ensure that the work we have done here is 
something we will be proud of years from now.  And so we open Working 
Group Last Call on this document.  This last call will last for a month, 
and end on August 10th, after which we will expect an updated draft to 
address concerns raised.  And so please note that this specification is 
subject to change in the following ways, from this point forth:

    * Rough consensus for a change; these must be discussed on the list;
    * Moving of small portions of normative text between this document
      and rfc2446bis, as this group deems logical (these must be
      discussed on this list);
    * Changes required by shepherd review (I would expect these to be
      very few in number); substantial ones must be discussed on this list;
    * Changes required to clear IETF and IESG concerns; these should be
      discussed on this list; and
    * Insubstantial editorial corrections (nits); these can be sent
      directly to the editor.

Advancing a document through the IETF process is often like a tooth 
extraction without pain killers.  However, the process is designed to 
promote technical quality.  We the chairs will do our best to smooth the 

Thank you all for your efforts to make this a great document.

The Chairs
Aki Niemi
Eliot Lear
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