[Ietf-calsify] Overlapping reschedule

Mark Paterson mark.paterson at oracle.com
Fri Sep 15 06:25:48 PDT 2006

3) certainly seems like an interesting possibility.

Cyrus Daboo wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Lets assume an organizer has booked an event with one or more 
> attendees for 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. The organizer then wants to 
> reschedule that to 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm. If the organizer does an iTIP 
> VFREEBUSY REQUEST for the new time range the attendees will show up as 
> busy for the first half hour because of the existing booked event. 
> There are several solutions to this:
> 1) The organizer needs to 'subtract' the original event's time from 
> any busy time it gets back from the iTIP request (i.e. effectively 
> overriding when the attendees report as being busy). This seems 
> reasonable if the attendee had previous accepted the meeting (and had 
> not deliberately double-booked), but if they had not accepted it may 
> be wrong to do. This method would work for recurring events.
> 2) The organizer only issues the free-busy request for the second half 
> hour period of the new meeting. Well that would work in this case, but 
> if the new meeting had been 11 am - 2 pm (i.e. new time required both 
> before and after the original) then two requests would have to be 
> done. Plus it gets worse for recurring events. The same issue with 
> accepted attendees would apply.
> 3) Extend iTIP to allow the organizer to specify a list of UIDs of 
> events that should be excluded from any busy time results returned in 
> the reply. The organizer could then supply the original event UID and 
> the attendees' clients would exclude that from busy. This would work 
> for any attendee state and recurring meetings (though we would 
> probably have to send UID + list of Recurrence-IDs to handle 
> reschedule of exceptions). However it is an extension to iTIP.
> 4) Organizer first cancels the original meeting and then does free 
> busy lookup. This is not good as the cancel operation may require the 
> attendees' manual intervention to accept, whereas the free-busy lookup 
> may complete faster (c.f. CalDAV where free busy iTIP operations 
> execute immediately, whereas others require explicit acceptance from 
> the attendee).
> Any thoughts on this?

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