[Ietf-calsify] summary of issues discussed in the jabber session

Cyrus Daboo cyrus at daboo.name
Wed Dec 13 06:34:49 PST 2006

Hi Reinhold,

--On December 13, 2006 3:26:52 PM +0100 Reinhold Kainhofer 
<reinhold at kainhofer.com> wrote:

> ARGH!!! Why would you do that?
> In my eyes, these frequencies and these BY* rule parts are the most
> uncontroversial of all rule parts. The other rule parts create the
> problems  for us.
> In KDE we have a dedicated alarm application (not for event reminders,
> but for  all sorts of things that you want to be reminded of) that makes
> available all  alarms as events to applications that use iCalendar format.
> You can't imagine how useful that stuff is. E.g. Set a quick alarm to
> remove  the cake or the pizza from the oven in 15 Minutes. That alarm
> will  automatically appear in your calendaring app (that watches the
> iCalendar  file).
> Or set an alarm that reminds you every 1.5 hours (=90 minutes) to take a
> break  from the computer. I also like these alarms to show up in my
> calendar (which  is a completely different application, so we need to
> have a format for data  exchange, which is exactly iCalendar).

Using a VALARM inside a VEVENT isn't sufficient? Just wanting to know why 
you choose to represent 'alarms' as events...

Cyrus Daboo

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