[Ietf-calsify] Transparency, status, attendance and free-busy interactions

Doug Royer Doug at Royer.com
Sat Oct 29 12:32:00 PDT 2005

 > ...
 > It may be very difficult to standardize this in just one way in 
RFC2445 bis
> and we should keep in mind other possibilities.  For example, we could  
> split RFC2445 bis into several sections/documents
>   1. the base format, used in many contexts
>   2.  what different elements of the base format mean in import/export  
> of ICS files for personal calendars
>   3.  what different elements of the base format mean in iTIP usage

OR - make TRANSP a calendar owner property that is only used as a hint
on import and allow the calendar owner to alter the value when a remote
event is stored locally. Then once stored in the local calendar the
TRANSP has a meaning only for that local calendar. Then the ATTENDEEs
PARTSTAT parameter can be ignored for free-busy calculations as the
owner of the local calendar where the copy of the event is stored has
full control of he TRANSP property.

I can publish a VFREEBUSY that is a composite of multiple calendars.
So all of the above proposals can only be a guideline for computing
the BUSY time and not a rule that must match the contents of
a VFREEBUSY object to a specific calendar.


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