[Ietf-calsify] Recommendationsfor strippingdown iCaltoa manageable 'standard'

Bernard Desruisseaux bernard.desruisseaux at oracle.com
Fri Oct 28 20:10:58 PDT 2005

Hi Carol,

In the thread you are making reference to, Doug is saying:

 > In CAP for example you can ask for the dynamic
 > VFREEBUSY object that represents the free time from a calendar.

it would be interesting to know how that works in CAP.


Carol Tsai wrote:

> Hi Cameron,
> I was researching on how to create an iCal that has the show as time
> be Tentative when I came accross your posting
> (http://lists.osafoundation.org/pipermail/ietf-calsify/2004-August/000050.html).
> I was wondering if you received a reply to that? I agree that the
> TRANSP property doesn't seem to have a Tentative option.
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