[Ietf-calsify] variations and options

Tantek Çelik tantek at technorati.com
Tue Nov 15 17:07:00 PST 2005

On Nov 15, 2005, at 2:52 PM, Dave Crocker wrote:

>> With all of the variations and options available in iTIP
>> the ABNF would be almost impossible to specify. ...
>> Trying to specify all of the iTIP rules in ABNF would create
>> a huge ABNF syntax table that would be difficult to verify
>> as accurate.
> Folks,
> oh boy.
> these statements raise such a large red flag with me, i feel compelled 
> to bother the list about it. especially since this issue has struck me 
> as being a chronic issue with the calendaring work.
> the more variations and options an Internet specification has, the 
> higher the barrier to implementation and interoperability and, 
> therefore, to use.
> why is that not a concern here?


Well put Dave.



Tantek Çelik
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