[Ietf-calsify] Notes on the WG document sharing directory

Lisa Dusseault lisa at osafoundation.org
Wed Aug 17 17:12:45 PDT 2005

Yeah, WebDAV compliance and interop is not perfect yet.  We're working 
on revising RFC2518 to improve that situation.  A trace of the network 
traffic might allow me or somebody else on the WebDAV list to diagnose 
at least whether the problem is client or server (Xythos WFS however is 
highly compliant) or server config.


On Aug 17, 2005, at 3:00 PM, Sam Roberts wrote:

> Quoting helge.hess at opengroupware.org, on Wed, Aug 03, 2005 at 
> 12:29:31AM +0200:
>> On 2. Aug 2005, at 10:58 Uhr, Lisa Dusseault wrote:
>>> - Use WebDAV to synchronize or view the directories with any
>>> WebDAV client (such as sitecopy, MacOs WebDAVFS, XP redirector or
>>> Windows "network places").
>> Not that its important, but it doesn't seem to work with OSX 10.4.2
>> (times out).
> And hung for me, actually blocked any process that tried to look at the
> mount, like the desktop manager.... :-)
> Sam
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