[Ietf-calsify] Timezone registration

Mark Crispin MRC at CAC.Washington.EDU
Mon Aug 8 18:51:50 PDT 2005


Consider the registry not of timezone, but of daylight savings time rules.

Thus, instead of my local time zone being "US Pacific time", it would be 
-0800 with the "US/1987" daylight savings time rule (soon to be replaced 
with the "US/2007" rule).

There can also be some syntax (but not a registered rule!) that indicates 
"contemporary rule for that time".  In other words, something like "-0800 
US" would mean something different in 1986 than today, and in turn it 
would mean something different in 2007.

It needs to be emphasize the latter is not a registered rule, but rather a 
shorthand for a registered rule, and which generally can not be relied 
upon (hence you should use a registered rule such as -0800 US/1987").

Excuse me if this sort of this has already been considered and rejected.

-- Mark --

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