[Ietf-calsify] food for thought

TimHare at comcast.net TimHare at comcast.net
Sun Oct 31 11:31:03 PST 2004

Maybe it's serendipity, but I was pointed to an old post at 
http://www.shirky.com/writings/evolve.html about evolvable systems as it 
relates to the Web; and it kind of struck a chord about what we're doing here.

Let's get out an iCal-Basic that everyone can create easily from what 
they've got now,  and everyone can read in with what they've got now. Even 
if it means we're passing back-and-forth larger sets of data to describe 
repeating appointments, even if it means certain appointments that cross 
timezones or daylight-savings-time changes have problems.  The thing is, if 
we can get out something that works, we can then evolve it to work 
better.  We have got to find the simplest common denominator that works, 
call that iCal-Basic, and release it. That's the four-footed fish crawling 
up on the shore... we'll get to mammals later.

Tim Hare
Interested Bystander, Non-Inc. 

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