[Ietf-calsify] Recommendations for stripping down iCaltoa manageable 'standard'

Doug Royer Doug at royer.com
Tue Aug 17 20:41:44 PDT 2004

Cameron Stillion wrote:

>I would argue that Anniversary should include duration (one day in most
>cases?) And also that your third case is really the same as the first.
>In other words, New Year's Day is just an anniversary that happens on 1
>Jan every year.  Multi-day events (like IETF60) would have a start date,
>end date, and duration of 5 days. By specifying time, you imply that the
>event is not all-day.
The differences between the 1st and the 3rd is that the 1st never shows up
as busy time as it has no DURATION or DTEND and therefore does not
have any time to block out.

The 3rd can show up as busy time depending  on the value of TRANSP as it 

And the 1st  can be relative to a time zone and the 3rd is never 
relative to a time zone.

So the 1st and 3rd are not the same.  OR we can call them the same except
one has a DURATION or DTEND. that may or might not have a time zone.
Nothing is eliminated.

>I'm not convinced that everyone represents these the same way, but maybe
>this is a case where we simply need to communicate the method more
>clearly, show better examples, etc.  And simply clarify the text of the
That may be the real problem. I know of one vendor that always adds time 
to time zone independent holidays (New years day for example).

>They exist as  anniversary, DTSTART/DTEND with time zone and
>DTSTART/DTEND wo/time zone.
>All three have distinct differences:
>    Anniversary:
>                All day - never shows up as opaque (Birthday)
>                Has DTSTART with VALUE=DATE and does not include DTEND
>                I do not think that we can eliminate this one.
>                All day in specific time zone.  An event that consumes
>specific time
>                relative to UTC that just happens to exactly overlap one
>day in a specific time zone.
>                This one can not be eliminated as it is really just any
>kind of VEVENT that just
>                happens to span 24 hours.
>    DTSTART/DTEND with out TZ
>               All day in viewers local time.  (New Years day is local
>to viewer)
>               I do not think we can eliminate this one.
>So what is the conflict or addition?


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