[Ietf-calsify] Recommendations for stripping down iCal toa manageable 'standard'

Chris_Stoner at notesdev.ibm.com Chris_Stoner at notesdev.ibm.com
Tue Aug 17 13:34:53 PDT 2004

Cameron Stillion wrote on 08/17/2004 04:10:03 PM:

> I'd love to see a property for all-day events, but that implies adding
> to our standard.  Perhaps there's an x- prop that we can encourage use
> of? A boolean property makes more sense to me than specifying midnight
> to midnight or a time range of zero.  It is resilient to time zone
> calculations.
> Does anyone else feel strongly about all-day events?
> Cam

I agree that All Day Events need some sort of additional property.  These
can get tricky and if we can quickly figure out it's an All Day Event, that
would help implementors decide what to do with it (without first parsing
the time/date objects, etc.)

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