[Ietf-caldav] More on the Plone + CalDAV question

Graham Perrin G.J.Perrin at bton.ac.uk
Tue Nov 27 09:53:11 PST 2007

Hi Cyrus, thanks for your attention.

On 27 Nov 2007, at 15:33, Cyrus Daboo wrote:

> Can you explain the architecture in a little more detail? I get the  
> impression that what you are doing is having Plone sit on top of a  
> CalDAV server that provides the back-end event store, and Plone is  
> provided its own front-end for that. Is that a reasonable  
> description of what you are doing?

I think you have the gist :-)

I guess that some list members will be familiar with Zope.
describes Plone content management system in a Zope context.

ATEvent objects are typically presented by Plone in this way:

As I expect our Centre to use Apple iCal Server (we're not quite  
there yet),
so I expect that most events will be managed primarily in that context.

Inevitably, our users will _also_ wish for events to presented by Plone.

1) At least: I wish to suppress (in Plone) the presentation of .vcs  
and .ics download options -- but that's off-topic from IETF-CalDAV  
(probably easily achievable when I find more time to dig into Plone).

2) As an improvement -- and this is where CalDAV expertise will be  
*most* appreciated: I'd like Plone to simply present, for an ATEvent  
object, event-related information that is drawn from a CalDAV server.

3) Even better: beyond simple presentation, I'd like Plone to have  
the ability to update its ATEevent object, based upon what's fed by  
the CalDAV server.

4) Best: I'd like changes fed by a human to an ATEvent object to be  
relayed appropriately to a CalDAV server, but that's probably over- 
ambitious at this time.


Incidentally: are there publicly or privately available any CalDAV  
servers with which I might register myself, familiarise myself?

(Whilst I have the code for Darwin Calendar Server, I lack the time  
to configure etc.. Mac OS X Server 10.5 is on my shopping list so  
I'll take advantage of that when it arrives.)

Initially using Mulberry 4.0.8 as a client.

Best regards

Graham Perrin
CENTRIM - the Centre for Research in Innovation Management
University of Brighton

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