[Ietf-caldav] freebusy lookups in CalDav are too hard to consume?

Michael R Gettes gettes at duke.edu
Fri May 26 10:14:19 PDT 2006

Of course these are all reasonable ideas especially if it keeps a  
community based
standards development process viable and prevents or limits vendors  
from developing
alternate solutions.  I think it is great that you investigated these  
kinds of issues,
not so much as standards issues, but more standards adoption issues.   
As CalDAV is in
last call - can we consider extensions to GET at this time or is this  
just not feasible
now?  I hope the answer is that we can try and address.


On May 26, 2006, at 8:25, Robert Yates wrote:

> It seems to me that something like freebusy time lookups needs to  
> be easily consumable. I was strongly encouraged yesterday to urge  
> my employer into adopting CalDav.  Making a case would be much  
> simpler if end of life'd libraries, custom parsers and potentially  
> special firewall considerations for our customers weren't required.  
> Is it worth considering reports that utilize the GET http method  
> and payloads in xml format?

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