[Ietf-caldav] Dead properties on CalDAV events / folders

Helge Hess helge.hess at opengroupware.org
Thu Dec 15 07:17:18 PST 2005


I think it would be good if the CalDAV spec would be very specific on  
whether or not a CalDAV server is required to support arbitary dead  
properties for authenticated users.
Some WebDAV implementations simply reject PROPPATCHes with a 403  
Forbidden (usually because they do not support custom properties [501  
would be more appropriate, but with a 403 the operation can be  
rejected while still being "formally compliant" ...]).

This is important to resolve because a client developer must know  
whether he can rely on using dead properties to store non-iCal  
associated state in the server (which seems natural) or whether he  
must resort to use x- properties. And even for the latter it would be  
good if CalDAV would explicitly specify whether the server is  
required to preserve arbitary iCalendar x- attributes in the content.

To give a real world example, a MAPI storage provider would need some  
place to store additional MAPI properties not covered by plain  
iCalendar (for example the color label in OL 2003).
The same goes for folder information (eg MAPI associated contents of  
a folder which are used to store the last selected view).


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