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Tue Apr 3 12:24:09 PDT 2007

Please see in-line...

On Apr 3, 2007, at 10:36 AM, Priscilla Chung wrote:

> My comments in-line.
> On Apr 2, 2007, at 7:19 PM, Mimi Yin wrote:
>> + I was unable to get to the Hosted Service page? http:// 
>> wiki.osafoundation.org/Journal/OSAFHostedServiceSidebar
> I must have forgotten to create one at the time. I just created  
> one, so the link should work now. All I did was add the News.

Thx. I applied it to the Hosted Service Project/Team page and whoa,  
it's really wide, you can't even see the RIGHT NAV. Jared, could you  
take a look during the Wiki Gardening today?


>> + Should we have a template for the Ops team as well?
> I'm guessing Katie can answer this one, but I can create one if you  
> need me to.


>> + Should we have templates for each Wiki area? Product, Planning,  
>> Engineering, Teams, Notes?
> Isn't that what I originally did w/ the one column and the two  
> column? http://wiki.osafoundation.org/bin/view/Journal/ 
> PreviewWikiTemplateHome
> Or are you saying they should all look the  same?

This is all in the context of a RIGHT NAV. Should we have RIGHT NAV  
templates for each of the wiki areas.

>> + Is there a way to make the Title of the include a part of the  
>> include?
> I'm not sure what you mean by the 'Title'?

NEWS, NOW, DEFERRED. The header that sits above each include.

>> I find that to make changes to an include, I need to edit the  
>> include title on every page *and* edit the include page as well.
> I think originally there would not be so many things to edit. You  
> may be updating the 'News' regularly, but the Apps side bar, QA  
> side bar, etc., most of them will stay the same.

?? I'm not sure I follow. If we ever decide to change the title of  
the News include, we will need to find every page that includes the  
News include in order to make sure the titles/headers are consistent?

>> + Is there a way to make a dividing line at the bottom of a  
>> template? In particular, the OSAFSidebar template?
> Add '---' at the bottom of the wiki page?

I tried that and it didn't seem to work. OSAFSidebar isn't edited via  
a wiki page like the other RIGHT NAV templates. It's something you do  
directly from the TwikiPrefs page, but this is no big deal so no  

>> + I changed the 'Team' header on the Team templates to 'People'  
>> because sometimes, we will be using the 'Team' header to denote  
>> what 'Team' is affiliated with a particular wiki area (e.g. the  
>> Planning Wiki area is managed by the Team: PPD)
> Using 'People' as a title just doesn't seem right to me. I might  
> suggest 'Teams' and links to the 'Apps Team' or 'Platform Team'.  
> And when you click on it will take you to a teams page. Or the  
> Teams web home, which is giving the user a high level view of the  
> organization. If you want to be specific of the team members, then  
> perhaps you could use 'Team Member' if you're looking at the PPD  
> team (wiki homepage?)
> Based on your original taxonomy work: http://wiki.osafoundation.org/ 
> pub/Journal/WikiReTaxonomy/041PPD_Team_Page.png

I had TEAM MEMBERS on the Team Page RIGHT NAVS. TEAM MEMBERS was a  
list of the People on each Team. What doesn't make sense to me is to  
have a link to the Team Page in the RIGHT NAV which will sit on the  
Team Page. It's a recursive link.

The places where I had a TEAMS link in the RIGHT NAV were in the top- 
level wiki areas: PRODUCT, PLANNING, ENGINEERING. The first two  
linked to PPD. The third listed all the engineering teams.

> For example in Cosmo, it may be useful for users coming to the wiki  
> to understand who the committers are so if someone comes along and  
> are interested in contributing some code to a particular part of  
> the app, they would know who to ask. A link on the right hand side  
> bar to the Cosmo team page is sufficient to me. Listing all the  
> team members and identifying who the ppl do not seem necessary to me.

Again, it feels redundant to link to the Cosmo Team page from the  
Cosmo Team page. I believe where we're crossing paths is that we're  
not being clear about the distinction between the Cosmo Engineering  
pages, the Cosmo Product Design pages, the Cosmo Planning pages and  
the Cosmo Team page. My understanding was that the Cosmo RIGHT NAV  
template was for the Cosmo Team area, since the other RIGHT NAV  
templates were all Team-related: PPD, Apps, Platform, QA, Build etc.

> From my understanding the rights side bar is not supposed to be a  
> right navigational element, but more of an aid for announcements  
> and perhaps relevant cross links to the wiki page you are looking at.

I'm not sure I'm following. I see the RIGHT NAV as a way to hilight  
and call attention to 'important' stuff in any given wiki area/topic  
as well as to provide links to relevant content in other wiki areas/ 
topics. I'm not sure if that's navigation or not...

>> + What else should go in the Team Templates? We can discuss this  
>> at tomorrow's Wiki Gardening Session.
> Ok.
>> Priss, how do you imagine we'll use http://wiki.osafoundation.org/ 
>> bin/view/Journal/PreviewWikiTeamInclude?
> Like I said, I originally built the template based on your taxonomy  
> work. You'll notice you were using 'Teams' in various different  
> ways: http://wiki.osafoundation.org/Journal/WikiReTaxonomy (which  
> is why I had built so many includes and had them be customize-able  
> for each wiki section).

Yes. The intent behind the design was that there should be a  
distinction between TEAMS and TEAM MEMBERS. The former is for 'Topic- 
centered' content areas. The latter is for Team-centered content  
areas. I've simply replaced TEAM MEMBERS with PEOPLE.


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