[General] ApacheCon US 2006 Report

Brian Moseley bcm at osafoundation.org
Fri Oct 20 10:34:55 PDT 2006

2006 was my first apachecon as well. it was actually a bit larger than
i expected, which was a pleasant surprise. i regret not participating
as much as i'd have liked; as usual, i procrastinated and didn't put
my presentation together until i was already on site.

one of the events i did attend was a tutorial on embedding the apache
directory server. it was fascinating for a couple reasons: 1) i'd like
to explore embedding apache ds into the osaf server bundle for those
folks who want to have a directory server as well as a calendar server
for their small workgroup, and 2) it helped structure my thinking
about making cosmo embeddable within other applications as well. you
can find some notes from this tutorial at

i was pleased with the number of people who rolled out of bed for my
fri 9am talk on cosmo. i aimed the talk at developers who might be
interested in contributing to the project, so i went into some detail
on the internal architecture of the server, but i also tried to back
up our claim of wide interoperability and standards compliance. randy
mentioned the demo i did with cosmo, chandler, sunbird and feeddemon.
i was especially pleased with the feeddemon integration; if you're
subscribed to a calendar feed, using an "unread items only" filter,
when you refresh your feed, you will in fact see an unread item for
each event that's changed on the server. that's pretty great - and
exactly the feature mitch has been looking for :)

i'm a little bummed not to be heading to apachecon next year, but
we've chosen slightly different technology for most of our needs, so i
think oscon is the right focus. i plan to make next year's cosmo talk
more technical in nature, because i think that's where we have the
most bang for the buck right now.

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