[General] IRC office hours change proposal

Katie Capps Parlante capps at osafoundation.org
Sat Jan 28 17:57:34 PST 2006

I'd like to propose some changes to IRC office hours.

The original plan was to hold an "office hours" in the #chandler channel 
once a week. We queued up a list of topics, rotating the host between 
groups. The goal was to get osaf staff to hang out in irc and talk to 
people who might join us on the project. Eventually we scaled back to 
bi-weekly topics.

Now we hang out in irc all of the time and have several projects going. 
Even though we're frequently in irc, it can be useful to have some 
scheduled topics for irc sessions. I'd like to see us schedule these 
sessions in #chandler, #cosmo, #scooby, or #osaf based on the need or 
desire for a conversation, QA session, etc. It would work something like 

+ We have two slots a week for planned IRC sessions, Wednesday and 
Friday at 1pm PST. (A couple of people mentioned that these might be 
better times than Wed at 11am PST.)

+ Anyone can propose a topic for a slot, preferably at least a few days 
ahead of time.

+ The person proposing the topic is responsible for being the 
facilitator/host of the session (or finding a facilitator).

+ The person proposing the topic is responsible for choosing the channel 
and broadcasting the notice.

+ We should use an #osaf channel (logged) as a space for cross-project 
discussions (not just scheduled sessions, but in general).


btw: Please respond to general at osafoundation.org. I wasn't sure that 
everyone was subscribed and spammed the other lists, but it would be 
good to move all discussions like this to general.


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