[Dev] Proposal for new automation architecture

John Anderson john at osafoundation.org
Fri Feb 10 09:20:02 PST 2006

Having written my first functional test yesterday I have some thoughts. 
The biggest problem I encountered when trying to write and debug tests 
is navigating all the layers:

my test <-> CATS <-> CPIA Script <-> Chandler

Fortunately I'm very familiar with Chandler, somewhat familiar with CPIA 
Script and CATS is small enough to grock without much effort. However, I 
suspect most developers would find all the layers daunting and trying to 
debug things would only make it worse. I think it would be preferable to 
make the small changes necessary to CPIA Script to make it appropriate 
for testing instead of adding another layer, e.g. CATS. Similarly, I 
think it's preferable to modify Chandler to eliminate some of CPIA Script.


Mikeal Rogers wrote:
> In trying to add features in to the current Chandler automation system 
> (CATS) we ran in to a lot of problems that are going to permanently 
> block certain feature development.
> Instead of just trying to hack at CATS until it can do what we want I 
> have written a proposal for a complete overhaul of our automation 
> system in the form of a new framework I'm calling OAF (Open Automation 
> Framework).
> The new design would fix all the current issues we have with CATS as 
> well as provide a modular architecture for future improvements and a 
> faster response to automation of new features in Chandler.
> It also is _not_ Chandler specific, the framework is totally open and 
> modular and could be leveraged for automation of all other OSAF 
> products provided that the automation can be accomplished in python 
> (which in most cases it can).
> I've written up the proposal here;
> http://wiki.osafoundation.org/bin/view/Projects/OpenAutomationFramework
> We are planning a meeting in Gotham next Thursday (16th) @ 3pm to got 
> over the design and anyone who is interested can attend. I have also 
> reserved the conference bridge so anyone remote can dial in.
> Thanks,
> -Mikeal
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