[Dev] the fate of views/demo and the CPIATestView

John Anderson john at osafoundation.org
Thu Sep 8 08:34:41 PDT 2005

The last time I looked into why you can't switch views, it was because 
of bugs introduced in blocks (bug #3869), e.g. some blocks don't delete 
themselves and others don't respond to the required events. Changing 
views is a great way to track down bugs in blocks, and now we can easily 
add switching views to our automated tests using CPIA script.

I'm all for updating CPIATestView to something else, and in the process 
remove deadwood. Having another view is a great way to test CPIA and our 
only chance of ever making CPIA a useful platform.


Alec Flett wrote:

> So I'm about to finish up the conversion of the main view from 
> parcel.xml to python.
> The only thing that seems to be left is the CPIATestView. As far as I 
> can tell this view is barely working... I can't even switch to it via 
> the menu. Further, its construction depends on the parcel loader's 
> 'copy' feature.
> I'd like to propose we just get rid of CPIATestView and if we want to 
> do an alternate layout, then we build a fresh one from scratch.
> As for the Demo view, it looks like this is running, but conversion is 
> going to be a big time-suck. Perhaps we can keep the parcel.xml around 
> for now, and if someone wants to do the conversion than they can later.
> Votes?
> Alec
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