[Dev] Milestone m5 (0.5.05) done!

Philippe Bossut pbossut at osafoundation.org
Wed Sep 7 18:10:46 PDT 2005


The m5 milestone (aka 0.5.05) has been completed today (Wednesday).

A branch has been created (branches/Milestone_0.5.05/, svn revision# 
7009) and the SVN trunk is now open for new development.

QA did run preliminary tests and things seem to be fine. Aparna will be 
sending a complete report later this week.

The official milestone page is up at:

I also posted an m5 closing status for the Apps team:

Thanks to all involved. We had a pretty high number of blockers in this 
last week but all got fixed on time yesterday night with help from 
virtually everyone in the dev team. Great job!

- Philippe

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