[Dev] ContentItem.itemCollectionInclusions?

Grant Baillie grant at osafoundation.org
Thu Aug 25 15:09:49 PDT 2005

In the latest & greatest Chandler, I noticed that we still have an  
"itemCollectionInclusions" attribute on ContentItem. This used to be  
the inverse of ItemCollection.inclusions, which no longer exists.

So, presumably, this attribute should go away. However, it is  
actually in use in a couple of places in the code base:

1) The recurrence code does some delicate footwork trying to make  
sure that individual occurrences end up in the correct collections.  
(E.g. occurrences generated by a rrule aren't supposed to be in any  
collection IIRC).

2) The Trash code (still under development, I think) uses it to make  
sure that items are removed from their containing collections before  
being moved to the Trash.

I'm not sure how this stuff is supposed to work in the new setly  
world, so perhaps someone who is could comment.


Grant Baillie
Open Source Applications Foundation

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