[Dev] Checkin rules

Heikki Toivonen heikki at osafoundation.org
Tue Mar 30 22:53:19 PST 2004

As we are growing bigger we need to pay more attention to the state of 
our CVS tree and the builds. I am proposing some simple checkin rules 
(some of you already follow these, but just to get us all on the same 

* Make sure your stuff compiles and you can run Chandler
* Before checkin, make sure Tinderbox shows green across the board
* When you checkin, be on IRC (preferably) or on IM/Jabber/iChat/by the 
phone ready to fix any problems you caused
* Monitor Tinderbox and make sure all machines cycle green

If you break the build, add a notice to the Tinderbox Notice Board 
(there are links on Tinderbox), and start working on fixing it. If you 
can't fix it in a reasonable amount of time, back out your changes. 
(Bonsai can show you the commands to back out your changes if you are 
unsure what cvs magic to utter, go to the query page 
http://www.osafoundation.org/bonsai/cvsqueryform.cgi, do your query, and 
the next page has a link at the top which says "Show commands which 
could be used to back out these changes". We are working on making 
direct links from Tinderbox so you don't need to spend time on Bonsai 

Mark is our build sheriff, and will chace down offenders with a german 
shepherd, or whatever our resident dog happens to be...

In turn, the Release group will help in making sure the tree is green 
and free of technical problems. We are also going to be improving 
Tinderbox and speeding up the Tinderbox cycles so you will know faster 
if things didn't work out.

   Heikki Toivonen

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