[Dev] question about the data model

Mike Taylor bear at code-bear.com
Mon Mar 22 20:32:57 PST 2004

I was working with the dump.py program being worked on at the pyCon 
Chandler sprint and ran into 11 items that were raising exceptions 
because they had attributes with type or cardinality of None.  So far 
they seem to be related to parcels - here's an example:

  <Item itemId="UUID-05ada31a-77c5-11d8-838d-000393eea78b">
     <Meta name="path">
     <Attr exception="cardinality is None type is None" 
     <Attr exception="cardinality is None type is None" 
     <Attr name="displayAttribute">
     <AttrList name="notFoundAttributes"/>
     <Attr exception="cardinality is None type is None" 

I modified the dump.py code to generate a special <Attr /> entry with 
an attribute named 'exception' so I could see the context of the error.

My gut says this is something that is transient and after the data 
model stablizes these will quietly disappear.  For now it kept me from 
being able to take the output of dump.py and generate a new repository.

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