[Dev] wiki page renaming

Brian Douglas Skinner skinner at osafoundation.org
Thu Mar 18 00:28:39 PST 2004

I did a little spring cleaning on the wiki today, as part of our effort 
to get the design documents organized into standard types.

Part of what I did involved moving a few pages from the Jungle to the 
Chandler web, and renaming pages on the Chandler web.  Hopefully that 
will only impact people in the OSAF design group, but you may have a few 
broken bookmarks if you happened to have those particular pages 
bookmarked.  Let me know if I caused other problems and I'll see what I 
can do to set things right.

(Brian's soapbox:  It's a shame that traditional file systems conflate 
the notions of *filing* and *identity*, so that if you change the name 
or location of file, you effectively change its identity.  And 
unfortunately, most URLs also use those file paths and names as unique 
IDs, even though they don't need to.  Maybe somewhere out there there's 
a wiki engine that keeps track of pages based on unique IDs, and lets 
users change names without breaking links!)

- Brian

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