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Tue Mar 9 20:33:53 PST 2004

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sorry for the accidental encryption - that's what I get for playing
with option settings!

1) Is there any graphing library that is already being used by osaf -
|> no use me finding one if osaf already has one

| I'm not aware of us having selected one.  You should try to use
| something that can be run on the supported platforms.

will do

|>>> 2) because of how the data is generated and stored for each
|>>> test profiled I decided to generate another file that only
|>>> contains the hotshot.stats output:
|>>> ~  test name, date, function, calls, total time, time per
|>>> call (total), cumulative time, time per call (cumulative),
|>>> path, line #
|>>> Now that the data is already parsed and ready for graphing
|>>> I'm working on a way to generate graphs by test across a time
|>>> range but I wanted to run this by you all before I start down
|>>> that path.
|> do you mean x = time taken y = ??

for any single day or average of range:

time    |
range  |
~          +------------------------
~              test1   test2   test3

the other options would have each test show total time and cumulative time

a histogram would stack up for each test a small date range or even an
average of a earlier period and the current test


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