[Dev] Re: Chandler as a Knowledge Management Tool: my musings

Piero Giuseppe Goletto piero.goletto at tin.it
Mon Mar 1 22:09:43 PST 2004

Hi everyone,

I have read the thread "Will Chandler be the PIM/Knowledge Management Tool I
need?" and I wholeheartedly agree with duck (Kaitlin Duck Sherwood) and, I
believe, many other on this list. Also I have read the "Personal Knowledge
Management" blog entry in Dave Pollard's blog, which is very impressive and
really visionary. 

I understand I'm new here, and I'd like to post my two cents. 

I am coming to the conclusion that Chandler meets very closely MUCH of
Pollard's vision. 

I have tried to map Pollard's vision into Chandler, and please believe that
it is MORE an exercise in understanding THAN a design issue for Chandler.
That's why some phrases are hypotetical.

The USER (a person, or a member of an organization) accesses Chandler by
entering one of the WORKSPACES he has got or he has previously defined. The
predefined workspaces would contain a diary ("Lotus Agenda" obviously comes
to mind) and an e-mail client ("pine", "mutt", "kmail" come to mind). The
User can easily define more workspaces. A System Administrator can define
standard workspaces for all Users in the same organization. 

All workspaces are created and managed by a WORKSPACE MANIPULATION TOOL,
which in the Chandler base design would be the CPIA. Through the CPIA the
User would access to his CURRENT DOCUMENTS (whatever they are) by using
appropriate PARCELS. I use the term "parcels" to refer to the Chandler
Modules that directly access to document, so that for instance we have a
PARCEL which allows user to read and post e-mail, another as address book
and so on.  

All data refer to a common REPOSITORY which engine is an XML-based DB (and
Lucene and Sleepycat).. Or ZODB in a future (I am a Zope/Plone user). 

Appropriate DATA EXTRACTION TOOLS  would use QUERY models to retrieve all
information the User may request. For instance, Chandler would use a query
model to retrieve all e-mail I sent to this mailing list, or for instance
Kaitlin's email address from the SUPER ADDRESS BOOK which is Chandler's
Contacts module.
Those Query models would be AGENTS which RETRIEVE DATA; behind CPIA there

Some AGENTS would translate Chandler's internal format into the external
format required for the application - an immediate example is a blog entry
or a web page or index External Documents for reference in Chandler.

SPECIFIC CONNECTORS allow for instance to send or receive emails.


Piero Giuseppe Goletto

blog attivi: http://comedians.splinder.it, marsmoon.splinder.it; siti in
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