[Dev] Street Address schema question

bear bear at code-bear.com
Mon Mar 1 09:01:49 PST 2004

Brian Douglas Skinner wrote:

> I'm glad you're kicking off a conversation about the Street Address 
> kind in the content model.  It'd be great to harvest more people's 
> experience about how to model this.

glad to help :)

> Let me chip in my two cents...  Our current model for Street Address 
> is somewhat complicated, with 8 string literals instead of 5 you list. 
> Our model may be more detailed than it needs to be. We still need to 
> figure out how much is enough. Our current model has four separate 
> attributes for "locality", "region", "postal code", and "country", 
> rather than one attribute for "last line". It might be that having the 
> four separate attributes will help in doing some sorts of tasks, like 
> having Chandler use the address info to guess about the calendar time 
> zone of the person you're scheduling a meeting with. And having the 
> separate attributes might make it easier to interoperate smoothly with 
> vCard and other PIM apps, but I'm not sure. Hopefully our new 
> interoperation experiments will shed some light on issues like this:
> http://wiki.osafoundation.org/twiki/bin/view/Chandler/ContentModelInteroperationProject 
> http://wiki.osafoundation.org/twiki/bin/view/Chandler/InteroperationExperimentsProposal 

Sorry if I didn't make myself clear - I'm also advocating breaking the 
last line into the sub-parts you mention (I meant to imply that by 
linking to the xml schema.)  The only reason to keep the last line as 
given is for reference within the Full Address list of strings IMO.

In the vCard spec they worry about other aspects of a person rather than 
just a Street Address.  Part of what I'm thinking of is that the vCard 
info will probably be covered by more core aspects of a Contact with 
Street Address being a more specific info nugget that is included as 
part of a Contact.

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