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[Dev] history of ZODB use/problems/removal?

John Anderson Tue, 21 Oct 2003 10:51:06 -0700

Hi Bill:
ZODB didn't handle all of our needs, and rather than modifying ZODB, 
Andi (who's in charge of the database) decided to write his own thing. 
You should probably ask Andi for his reasons. In my discussions with 
various programmers concerning ZODB, it seems like they are reluctant to 
spend much time learning it and would rather go invent something new.


Bill Seitz wrote:

> Are there any references online (wiki pages, list archives) discussing 
> the decision to eliminate ZODB, and a short explanation of what's 
> being used instead? (Or maybe there are multiple non-ZODB back-ends 
> possible, all hidden behind RAP...)
> I guess I'm just curious in terms of lessons learned for other 
> situations calling for a persistence engine...
> (I've tried searching various places and couldn't find anything that 
> seemed directly relevant...)
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