[Design] More feedback questions and Feature Requests (RC2)

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>On Aug 31, 2007, at 8:07 AM, Robin Cottiss wrote:
>> I would be nice if you could define the default triage status for a
>> collection. I would then be able to set the default status t later
>> for a Someday/Later collection.
>Hi Robin,
>Do you keep track of someday-maybe items across multiple areas /
>I've imagined modeling this by giving users the ability to have finer
>grades of triage status:
>Now, as in Right Now / Today
>Now, as in Soon / This Week
>Later - At some point, I have to get to this.
>Later - Someday Maybe
>Done - Recent - In the Past Week / Month
>Done  - Archive
[Robin Cottiss] 
What I meant here is: because a Someday/Later collection should, by definition, contain Later type
items I would like new items in this collection to default to Later rather than now. Then I would
not need to change the status for a newly created item. 

I am not so sure about finer grades of triage status. I think you may have already had some
discussion along the lines of 'if there are more grades then it is not triage' 

I am more concerned about the requirement that fits everything into collections, triage status and
item types (stamps). I am sure there are more dimensions and more hierarchies within some of the
dimensions. There is perhaps a project dimension. Perhaps collections can be grouped. Perhaps triage
should change to a more generic term that allows more than three grades. It all depends on how close
you want to stick to GTD principles. I imagine Chandler as a having the flexibility to be made to
work for a GTD method but it should also be flexible enough to support other methods. What if
someone (David Allen even) comes up with a refinement of the GTD method will Chandler users be able
to adopt the new technique? What if another method of managing tasks gains popularity (somebody
figures out that reversing the ABC method to CBA is a great method ;) ) This may be a long, long way
off but I am wondering if some of the back end work you have done will ever enable such flexibility.
This also sounds terribly complicated, and I am sure it would present User Interaction challenges,
but I really believe that it is sometimes easier to solve a more general problem than the specific

>> I might want some finer control of dashboard inclusion/exclusion.
>> How about enabling items to be excluded from the dashboard? This
>> comes back to how many collections are needed. If dashboard
>> inclusion/exclusion is only available at collection level then you
>> might end up creating collections for bad reasons.
>This is a tricky issue to work out a clean solution for. Can you
>provide some specific examples of items you'd like to exclude from
>the Dashboard? In particular, what other collections do those items
>appear in?
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