[Design] [Cosmo] Sort out sub-sort order for Triage Status

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Fri Nov 16 12:23:52 PST 2007

Sort out sub-sort order for Triage Status

Items are currently ordered first by Triage Status and then sub- 
ordered alphabetically by Title. At times, this can make the user  
feel like they "lost" items once they've triaged them.

There isn't a clear solution to this problem for a number of reasons.

On the Desktop, we're hopefully moving to a model where items in  
LATER are filed by 'proximity in time'. LATER items that are *about  
to become* NOW at the top. LATER items scheduled for way in the future

Here's the Desktop bug: Revisit sub-sort of LATER and DONE section in  

This is a hard issue to resolve in the web UI for a number of reasons:
+ Web UI currently does not support / display alarms; unfortunately,
+ Custom-date alarms are a key factor in how we plan to calculate  
'proximity in time'.

What to do?
1. Display alarms in the Date column? This would mean implementing  
the smart Date column functionality.
2. Sub-sort Triage Status by *when* the item was triaged. That way  
when items are triaged to LATER or DONE, they at least appear at the  
top of the list of LATER items.

If we go with #2, what happens when a Desktop user syncs? Does the  
Desktop users' order override the web UI ordering?

It's possible that the *cleanest* thing to do would be to keep the  
sorting logic between the Desktop and Hub apps the same. But is that  
doable in a reasonable timeframe given the additional Date-column  
functionality that needs to be implemented on Hub?


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