[Design] [Proposal] What is Chandler supposed to do anyway?

Philippe Bossut pbossut at osafoundation.org
Wed Dec 5 23:58:46 PST 2007


I'm OK with making the UI more self evident but the point with email is 
that it is the only universal interface/protocol users understand and 
are used to: people email stuff to their coworker next door (instead of 
sharing a network folder), people even email stuff to themselves! So 
burying email more might confuse people more.

That being said, on the proposal:

Mimi Yin wrote:
> *1a. Remove the Reply, Reply All, Forward buttons from the Toolbar*; and 
> *1b. Add a Reply/Forward menu item to the Item menu*

I think the correct solution is to put Send/Update/Reply/Reply 
All/Forward in the Detail View itself (certainly, smaller buttons, may 
be using a drop down for the various reply/forward options.

> *2. Remove the the 'New' button from the Toolbar* and really focus on 
> the quick item entry bar as *the* way to create new items in Chandler.

Yes, this is really useless and a waste of real estate IMO.

> *3. Rename the Mail application area Messages* so that it's more of a 
> 'Message Center', a place where you can see the messages you 
> sent/received from Chandler (not un-like Inboxes for social networking 
> sites like Facebook or Linked In), and less of a *"Mail Application".*

I'm neutral here. It makes sense in light of bug 11030 (Making sending 
an email explicit).

- Philippe

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